German WW2 new leather marching boots - Marschstiefel

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Reproduction of the marching boots supplied to the German army during the Second World War. Known with the German name of marschstiefel, they were certainly one of the character traits of the German soldier and used until the end of the war even if their production was modified and then increasingly limited. Precisely the model on sale reproduces the models that from the end of November 1939 suffered the first limitation by shortening the height of the leg by 3/5 cm and reducing the number of nails due to the need for war economy.

  The boot is made in Europe with quality and care, every detail is taken care of and made as in the original models. It is genuine quality leather with studs on the sole.

  The proposed model has been pre-colored in black but needs a further coat with black shoe color to have a perfect effect.

The boots are made of quality natural leather and for this reason they may have imperfections or differ in tone with the model visible in the photos without compromising their value and functionality. Furthermore, being genuine leather, before use and after use, they require all the attention and maintenance that products of this type require in order to preserve and not affect their use. The model is a perfect copy of the German marching boots.

Inside length:

  • size 40 -  26 cm
  • size 41 -  26,5 cm
  • size 42 -  27 cm
  • size 43 -  28 cm
  • size 44 -  29 cm
  • size 45 -  29,5 cm
  • size 46 -  30,5 cm
  • size 47 -  31,5 cm
  • size 48 -  32,5 cm

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