Original US gas mask and bag M9A1

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Original american M9A1 gas mask sold still sealed in its own storage box. The gas mask model M9A1 was adopted in 1947, based on the improvements made to the M5 gas mask. The M9 gas mask was made with an improved synthetic molded rubber composition that remains flexible even at low temperatures. The M9 was built in three dimensions (S, M, L). Over 3 million masks were purchased until they were declared obsolete in 1959. The first production masks were black, but most of the M9 and M9A1 gas masks were gray or olive green. The 60 mm activated carbon can was the M11, painted in dark gray or black.

Very nice item, each metal box is sealed and should contain a rubber mask, a filter, a carrying bag and a small metal cylinder.

The photo is only intended to illustrate the product, each piece may vary in condition and appearance in every part according to the piece, since it is an original material for military storage.

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