Shoulder flag United States 48 stars

Shoulder flag United States 48 stars

SHOULDER FLAG Reproduction of the United States flag, 48 stars version, it was sewed on field jac..


Shoulder holster Colt M1911 hover image

Shoulder holster Colt M1911

COLT 1911 HOLSTER M1916 Reproduction of the shoulder holster for the Colt M1911 pistol, the ..


Sling for PPSH41 & PPSH43 hover image

Sling for PPSH41 & PPSH43

SLING FOR PPSH41 AND PPSH43 Leather strap for the transport of Soviet PPSH41 and P..


Soviet Army haversack

Soviet Army haversack

SOVIET ARMY HAVERSACK Original Soviet bag for Red Army soldier during World War II..


Spray color Fosco x 400 ml hover image

Spray color Fosco x 400 ml

SPRAY DOSE VARIOUS COLORS Color spray aerosol ready to use with different colors suitable for res..


SSH40 Helmet hover image

SSH40 Helmet

SSH40 SOVIET HELMET Original Soviet model ssh40 helmet used during the second world war by&n..


Stars and Stripes flag 48 stars American flag hover image

Stars and Stripes flag 48 stars American flag

UNITED STASTES 48 STARS FLAG Reproduction of the American flag, also nickname Stars and Stripes o..


T Shovel US Army hover image

T Shovel US Army

US ARMY T SHOVEL M10 reproduction of  US Army T shovel equipment of the GI of United States ..


Thompson M28/M1 ammo pouch repro hover image

Thompson M28/M1 ammo pouch repro

THOMPSON M28/M1 AMMO POUCH Replica canvas magazine ammo pouch for M28/M1 Thompson ..


Thompson M28/M1 sling hover image

Thompson M28/M1 sling

CANVAS SLING FOR THOMPSON M28/M1 New canvans sling for Thompson M28/M1...


Tie US Army hover image

Tie US Army

KHAKI TIE Reproduction of the khaki color tie worn on the US Army uniform shirt for any grade...


UK Brodie Tommy Helmet hover image

UK Brodie Tommy Helmet

BRODIE HELMET Reproduction of the English helmet called Brodie with its characteristic pan shape ..


US Airborne M1942 pants - trousers parachute jumper M42 - hover image

US Airborne M1942 pants - trousers parachute jumper M42 -

US TROUSERS PARACHUTE JUMPER M42 Reproduction of the M42 trousers parachute jumper for the&n..


US Army gloves hover image

US Army gloves

US ARMY GLOVES US Army olive green gloves with printed on the side lot, size and p..


US Army hbt jacket hover image

US Army hbt jacket

AMERICAN ARMY HBT JACKET M42 Reproduction of the second model of the field jacket in hb..


US Army hbt trousers hover image

US Army hbt trousers

AMERICAN ARMY HBT TROUSERS M42 Reproduction in hbt field trousers, Herringbone Twill, '..


US Army lighter hover image

US Army lighter

US ARMY LIGHTER Beautiful petrol lighter on the model used during the Second World War by th..


US Army M1398 gaiters hover image

US Army M1398 gaiters

US ARMY M1938 LEGGINGS Reproduction of the M1938 leggings used by the American Army during t..


US Army M44 Net hover image

US Army M44 Net

M44 NETZ Original net M44, probably postwar, used by the U.S. Army from World War II fo..


US Army mess tin hover image

US Army mess tin

US ARMY MESS TIN Replica of the U.S. Army mess tin which has the same features as ..


US Army shirt hover image

US Army shirt

US ARMY SHIRT Reproduction of the service shirt used from beginning to the en..


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