WW2 German Splinter B Camo Jump Smock -knochensack-

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 Replica of the jump smock for the German paratroopers, the Fallschirmjager, during the Second World War and worn over the field uniform even in the subsequent combat phases. The model reproduced is the M40 version in classic splinter B and that from the previous model is characterized by the addition of the pistol pocket for the rocket launcher, the loop to fix the handle of the spade, the axillary openings and above all the possibility to be opened or closed at will at the bottom by means of snaps. The front buttons for the closure are hidden and inside the cuff there is the characteristic anti-wind cuff. An internal strap allows the adjustment of waist. As for the originals the size was divided into 3 main ones, I, II and III, which could then have the letter A, B or C which indicated short, regular or long.

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