Close Combat Bar Gold Nahkampfspange

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 Reproduction of the finest quality of decoration desired and established personally by Adol Hilter on November 25, 1942, awarded to all members of the Wehrmacht in order to reward German soldiers in close combat. The decoration had such a value that the gold grade was personally warded by the Fuhrer and to clarify even more the valour on August 30, 1944 to the gold grade of the Nahkampfspange was automatically also awarded the Deutsch Kreuz in Gold, German Gold Cross . Its position on the jacket, in accordance with its importance, was one centimeter above the edge of the left pocket, and with ribbon bar one centimeter above it.

 Complete with the manufacturer's producer.

Assign Crite:

  • bronze (I stufe): 15 days of body-to-body combat, 10 if injured in the fights;
  • silver (II stufe): 30 days of body-to-body combat, 20 if injured in the fights;
  • gold (III stufe): 50 days of body-to-body combat, 40 if injured in the fights;

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