German WW2 tropical trousers Luftwaffe uniform - Fallschirmjager

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 Nice reproduction of the cotton pants used by the Luftwaffe in North Africa with the Afrikakorps and in every theater of operations considered to OKW tropical climate like the South of Italy. Note to the typical image of the Fallschirmjager was still used by all members of the Luftwaffe and often by mans of Heer. The wide-fitting trousers suitable for warm climates, tighten on the ankles by means of special straps, while on the left thigh a large pocket is closed with a hidden button. Two slit pockets are present on the sides, on the waist a built-in and adjustable canvas belt allows to support the trousers and in addition buttons system is present for the use of the straps. Two other pockets are present at the back and closed with a hidden button. Internally the trousers have pockets and reinforcements in white cotton fabric. Trousers has one of the different color variants for the Luftwaffe tropical uniform called khakibraun.

 Material: 100% cotton

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