German WW2 paratroopers M38 helmet in tropical tan camo - Fallschirmjager

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 Made to provide Fallschirmjäger, German paratroopers,  an helmet suitable for this kind of unit and activities, in 1938 is finally approved the final version of the M38 that will not change until the end of the conflict.  Featuring for a new shell inside and a revolutionary system for chinstraps.

 Sent to fight in North Africa as an elite unit, the Fallschirmjager adapted their jump helmets to the conditions of the front in the most varied ways conditioned by the material available at the moment, ranging from beige/brown paint to the use of natural products like mud dried on the shell. In any case, the helmets kept the factory configuration with the color blaugrau, Luftwaffe eagle and/or tricolor shield under the makeshift camouflage. These in different ways were covered by the paint, made to re-emerge by scratching the paint or saving the shape. The same helmets and techniques were employed in the Italian operational theater.

 Helmet features reproduced:

  • khaki tropen painting;
  • Mono or bi-decals uncovered by painting;

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