German WW2 tropical 1939 combat pack A-frame - Gefechtsgepack

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 Literally the combat package, that is all the equipment deemed necessary to the soldier for combat, is partially entrusted to the frame in the shape of A, adopted since 1939, for attaching rolled, by the two carry straps at the bottom, the zeltbahn M34 inside which there is the canvas case containing metal pegs and wooden post. The mess tin is fixed in the upper part of the trapezoid by inserting its carrying strap through the openings in the frame. A small canvas bag was attached to the trapeze and placed under the shelter, containing the sweater, the rations and the rifle cleaning kit, RG34. In the marching combination, the rolled-up blanket was fixed with three straps to as many rings placed on the outer edge. The frame in turn hooked onto the special rings located on the top of the M1939 Y-straps and the two additional lower straps.

 The main characteristic of the tropical A-frame model has the substitution of the all leathers parts with cotton canvas.

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