M40 Fliegerbluse

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 Reproduction of the M40 Fliegerbluse, the field and service jacket of the Luftwaffe and directly result of the previous model, the M35, from which it has two pockets more.Designed primarily for ease of movement in restricted areas of the planes, then very sticky without flaps and cuffs and large front buttons are covered. There are only two side pockets closed by a button and the collar is held closed by a hook and their eye. The inside of the jacket is partially reinforced with artificial silk, the rayon, instead of the cotton, left and right two capacious pockets closed by a button and a pocket for medical kit closed by a button. Two sets of three slots are located laterally of the jacket for the support hooks for the belt. The fliegerbluse was used from al corps of the Luftwaffe: flying crew, Fallschirmjager, field division and flak unit.

 Material: 80% wool 20% poliestere.

CAUTION: includes shoulder board with gold yellow piping.

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