WW2 German army M42 steel helmet with decal - Stahlhelm M42

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 Reproduction of the German "M42" helmet, designed and started to be distributed in the Wehrmacht from August 1942, first assignment to the fighting police units. Third evolution of the 1935 model and it was necessary to have a mass production with a lower cost as a result of the war economy, at the expense of a poorer quality. To achieve this, the German helmet no longer had a retorted edge like the previous models but an almost right-angled sharp corner and a reduction in the thickness of the steel. If the decal was still applied to the first models, in 1943 its removal was decided to further speed up production and less visibility in the field.

Item features:

  • shell, liner and chinstrap of excellent features
  • factory made green color
  • M42 helmet marked ET
  • serial number on the back 
  • decal choice: Heer, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, or none.

Shipping time 2/3 working days if you need decal apply.

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