Trigger Finger wool gloves hover image

Trigger Finger wool gloves

GREY WOOL TRIGGER FINGER MITTENS Nice gloves in gray wool of the Swiss army,  with thumb and..


Tropical webbing Strap hover image

Tropical webbing Strap

TROPICAL STRAP  Reproduction of the tan webbing strap that was part of the German WW2 soldie..


Tubular balaclava

Tubular balaclava

TUBULAR BALACLAVA Popular and versatile accessory that protects the neck and ears. In the form of..


Wool grey gloves hover image

Wool grey gloves

WOOL GLOVES Original gray or gray / green woolen gloves from the Swiss army, suitable for use in ..


WW2 German gas mask canister strap

WW2 German gas mask canister strap

CANISTER STRAP  Reproduction made in green cotton canvas of the strap for the suspension o..


Zeltbahn eichentarn hover image

Zeltbahn eichentarn

ZELTBAHN The zeltbahn is cotton fabric in high density, waterproof, has a form of isosceles ..


Zeltbahn M31 pickets hover image

Zeltbahn M31 pickets

ZELTBAHN M31 PICKETS Series of three wooden pegs and aluminium including on custody in splin..


Zeltbahn peg

Zeltbahn peg

M1929 PEG FOR ZELTBAHN M31  Metal peg from the ex-GDR and which happens to be the same 1929 ..


MG 34/42 cover hover image

MG 34/42 cover

COVER FOR MG 34 AND 42 Beautiful reproduction of the cover for the German machine gun MG 34 ..


MG 34/42 toolbox hover image

MG 34/42 toolbox

TOOLBOX FOR MG 34 AND 42 Replica of the leather toolbox for the maintenance of the machine g..


Original WW2 M31 Romanian Mess Tin hover image

Original WW2 M31 Romanian Mess Tin

ROMANIAN M31 MESS TINNice original Romanian Army mess tin model used in the Second World War, which ..


Wool blanket 200 x 150

Wool blanket 200 x 150

WOOL BLANKET100% wool Army blanket, in dark gray color, with reinforced edges embroidery. ..


WW2 German original aid box in tropical color - verbandkasten hover image

WW2 German original aid box in tropical color - verbandkasten

VERBANDKASTENOriginal WW2 German Army aid box, verbandkasten, and painted in dunkel gelb. The inside..


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