Cholm shield Armelschild Cholm

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Established on July 1, 1942 by wish of the Generalmajor Theodor Scherer who presented it to Adolf Hitler to reward the winners of the defense battle of Cholm and accompanied by a certificate and registered on the Wehrpass and Soldbuch. The only holder of the endorsement of the certificate of the award was the Generalmajor Scherer. The shield was applied on the upper part of the left sleeve of the jacket and the assignment ended on December 31st 1942.

Assignment criteria:

  • all members of  the Wehrmacht and to the people in service to his direct control who fought in the bag from 21 January 1942 to 5 May 1942;
  • pilots and staff of the Luftwaffe who transported supplies inside on the improvised runway for the purpose.

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