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Established April 25, 1943 to reward the winners of the defensive battle for the Demjansk encirclement from 8 February 1942 until their release April 21, 1942 and accompanied by a certificate and recorded on Wehrpass and Soldbuch. The sole holder of the endorsement of the certificate of the award was the General der Infanterie Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt. The shield was applied on the upper part of the left sleeve of the jacket, for the SS above the eagle, and the assignment ended on December 31, 1943.

Assignment criteria:

  • 60 days of honorable service inside the encircle;
  • injured or suffering from freezing inside the encircle;
  • to be awarded with a decoration for merit fighting during the encirclement;
  • 50 combat missions over the encircle;
  • 50 refueling missions with landing inside the encircle.

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