Spanish Cross Bronze - Spaniekreuz mit schwertern in bronze

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Reproduction of the German decoration instituted by Adolf Hitler on April 14, 1939 to tribute to the veteran volunteers for the Spanish civil war and gathered in the famous Legion Condor sent to the aid of General Franco in his attempted coup. Since the expeditionary corp was not officially referable to the German government, no decoration was established before or during the hostilities. A model without swords was reserved for non-combatants.

To be eligible for the award, you must have the following status:

  • to be volunteers of the Condor Legion and to have taken part in the fighting;
  • have been present in the naval or air operations for:
  1. air attack on Ibiza
  2. bombing of Almeida and / or Palma.

The assignment criteria:

  • bronze rank: take part of actions of any type in the Legion Condor in the Spanish war;
  • silver rank: had fought in decisive battles with enemy contact;
  • gold rank: to demonstrated in combat action abilities of audacity, courage and value;
  • gold with diamonds rank: had obtain exemplary results in combat or lead troops into bold successful enterprises with important results.

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