German WW2 infantry leather Y-straps from original - koppeltragegestell für Infanterie

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The best quality Y-straps reproduction supplied to the German Army during the Second World War and introduced in 1939 to be produced and used until the end of the conflict with small modifications. This reproduction appeared about in the middle war, is made on the original model and has the characteristics of one of the first small variations made with the parallel stitching of the rings on the shoulders, the simplification of the buckle used for the back straps regulation. The metal parts, which were aluminum in the pre-war period, are gray colored metal as they are introduced with the starts of the war for economic reasons. The seams are in hard natural wire, the leather of high quality as well as the careful cut resulting from the original one.

Made from original one, it has all the German Army specification request:

  • metal hooks painted in grey
  • quality leather with accurate cut
  • black color on the rough side
  • leather strong thickness
  • holes and regulation like original
  • hand sewing with strong natural wire

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