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Original high neck sweater of the American army in the model introduced in 1942 in order to replace the two previous high neck sweaters and V-neck models. An extended stand-up collar with button-up front by 5 buttons offered protection and warmth well above the neckline, or in less severe climatic conditions it could be unbuttoned to regulate body temperature. The collar could also be folded back to a more relaxed position if desired. This model was introduced to complete the winter outfit that was supposed to equip the American infantryman in his winter uniform with a layer to place over his shirt and under his jacket, and to pass a fine war from a light olive color to a dark olive color.

The model for sale is the version used today but substantially unchanged to the WW2, the only difference are buttons, which are four holes instead of two, and the material which is 100% acrylic than 100% wool of the WW2. With a simple modification you have the model used in the war period therefore suitable for reenactors and historical reconstructions.

The sweater comes from military warehouse funds, the state, appearance and condition may vary for each piece. It can therefore have signs of wear and time but in guaranteed conditions. The photos have the sole purpose of illustrating the product but does not describe the one shipped.

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