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One of the characteristic weapons of the German Army during the Second World War, the Wehrmacht, the result of an evolution that dated back to earlier models accelerated with the rearmament. The MP 40 was a further simplification of the previous model the MP 38, preserving the mechanism but making it easier and cheaper to produce externally. The creator of the MP 40 and the predecessor MP38 is to be mentioned by Heinrich Vollmer and not as he is often called to Hugo Schmeisser who was only a weapon manufacturer.

After the start of the Second World War the MP40 was introduced to simplify the production of the MP 38, made by milling from a solid piece and with an aluminum alloy handle, and using cheaper materials. Made by using stamped and sheared sheets, an uncommon process, therefore suitable for large-scale production, with a butt-folding crutch under the barrel that was lined with bakelite or synthetic material. The barrel was provided with a protective support providing for the use of armored vehicles at the edge of the sides, making it particularly suitable for mechanized troops such as the newly formed Panzergrenadiere.

Replica made of metal faithful to the original, blow back, trigger, double position shutter,  wooden body. Made specifically for re-enactors and collectors for which no authorization or permission is required.

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