Mauser kar 98k NO FIRING REPRODUCTION- Denix

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Produced both within the borders of the great German Reich and in the arsenals of the occupied countries, by 1945 the number of over 14,000,000 rifles produced was reached, undergoing only slight modifications aimed at not improving the already excellent product, but only at speeding up its production to the detriment, in the last examples, also of the safety of those who use it. It remains the main weapon used by the German army, with unmatched qualities of reliability and robustness, only towards the end of the conflict will it be replaced marginally with other cheaper weapons and greater firepower such as the Gewehr 43 semi-automatic rifle. Its origins derive closely from the Gewehr 98, designed by the Mauser brothers in 1892, from which they differ in the length, shortened by 600 mm, the hole in the stock for the attachment of the shoulder strap and other few details gradually modified.

 Denix reproduction is an excellent compromise between price and quality to have a very realistic-looking simulacrum with low costs compared to a deactivated one and is free to sell. It has a movable shutter, a functioning trigger, features that you no longer have in the new deactivations, and a safe function. Excellent real wood stock.


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