1914 Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon with spange - Spange "1939" zum Eisernen Kreuz 1/2 klasse von 1914

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RECONFIRMATION BAR FOR IRON CROSS I CL. -Spange "1939" zum Eisernen Kreuz 1/2 klasse von 1914-

The bar for the reconfirmation of the Iron Cross was established together with the cross on September 1, 1939 in order to decorate all those who had already received the decoration during the First World War and once again stood out for their courage on the battlefield. For the Iron Cross of II class the bar was affixed on the ribbon of the cross of 1914, for the first class the bar was applied up to the of the cross of 1914 on the pocket.

Award criteria 2nd class:

  • the soldier had to perform known actions in combat and acts of courage in the face of the enemy;
  • excellent merit demonstrated to command the troops;
    • Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe were applying criteria of tonnage and number of culls.

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