US WW2 3nd Infantry Division Officer M1 helmet refurbished

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Nice M1 helmet refurbished and prepared like in the World War Two used by american army in Europe for all the conflict. Very nice effect helmet obtained from a original Belgian Air Force M1 helmet, the most similar model to the US model, and we have painted in olive drab with anti reflection effect like WW2 used. Then we have changed the chins strap with the WW2 model. Helmet is completed with its abs reproduction inner helm. Finally we have completed with the 3nd US Infantry Division insignia and the officer "leadership stripe". Now it's a perfect reenacting helmet model.

  • November 8, 1942 landing in Fedala (French Morocco) - Operation Torch
  • July 10, 1943 Licata - Husky operation
  • July 22, 1943 occupation of Palermo
  • August 17, 1943 occupation of Messina
  • September 18, 1943 operation crossing the Volturno river and Cassino
  • January 22, 1944 landing in Anzio - Operation Shingle
  • August 15, 1944 landing in Saint Tropez - Operation Dragoon
  • February March 1945 in front of Liena Siegfried
  • 17/20 April 1945 occupation of Nuremberg
  • 27-30 April 1945 occupation Augsburg, Munich and Salzburg (some elements participated in the occupation of the Berghof)

Main features:

  • original M1 helmet repainted;
  • repro shell chin strap;
  • ABS inner helm reproduction free choose.

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