Infantry Assault Badge in German silver - Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber

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INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE SILVER (Das Infaterie Sturmbzeichen

 This German decoration was established on 20 December 1939 to place alongside existing Iron Cross with a different honor to reward infantry soldiers who had distinguished merit on the battlefield. The decoration was destined to all levels of the units of dismounted infantry, then: infantry, motorized infantry regiments and mountain.

 High quality reproduction made with a stamp on German Silver, material often used at that time to produce fine private decoration that wera available on authorized producer.

Award criteria:

  • have taken part in three or more infantry attacks;
  • have taken part in three or more infantry counterattacks, or together with the above;
  • have taken part in three or more armed reconnaissance missions;
  • have been involved in close combat with an enemy position in the assault;
  • having participated in three different days to the return of combat positions.

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