German WW2 officer, NCO and enlisted leather grey gloves for service and shore leave

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 Nice reproduction of the leather glove provided in the German Army before, during and after the Second World War for the officers in the for the service and for the shore leave as well as for the troops and the NCO shore leave. Gray leather, with an external suede part, dressed very tight to also give elegance, in fact the usual type of glove, with some different characteristics was used in the civilian world for tight clothes.

 Completely made in Italy for Para Bellum Shop, it follows exactly the model used by the German army, although there were different variants depending on the manufacturer and the needs of those who bought it privately. The leather is of high quality, 100% natural, perfect for historical re-enactment but also for an elegant dress.

HOW CHOOSE SIZE: measure the circumference of the palm of your hand
  •  18/19     cm -------- size 7 1/2
  •  20/21     cm -------- size 8 
  •  21,5/23   cm -------- size 8 1/2
  •  23.5/24   cm -------- size 9 
  •  24.5/25.5 cm -------- size 9 1/2
  •  26/27.5   cm -------- size 10 
  •  28/       cm -------- size 10 1/2

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