Tank Assault Badge made in German Silver and bronze level -Panzerkampfabzeichen in bronze-

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TANK ASSOULT BADGE BRONZE (Panzerkampfabzeichen)

 Excellent quality reproduction made of one of the materials that was often used for the minting of medals and badges the German silver, with the mold technique. The badge created on 1 June 1940 by order of Von Brauchitsch for the troops of tank units other than panzer crew, namely the armored infantry, the Panzergrenadier, the motorized battalions of the tanks divisions, armored reconnaissance units, the self-propelled artillery crews, the Sturmartillerie, and the medical staff in service at tanks units on the battlefield since December 1942. Both the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS could be awarded to officers, NCO and troops according to the following criteria:

  • having taken part in three assaults with the tank in three different days;
  • being injured during an assault;
  • have been awarded a decoration for courage in an attack.

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