Knight Cross of Iron Cross made in German silver

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KNIGHT CROSS OF IRON CROSSRitterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes -

 Reproduction of the legendary German decoration made of German silver or nickel silver, a metal alloy usually used for the minting of German decorations and which gives it a very realistic look. The Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes, third degree of the Iron Cross instituted from 1 September 1939 and assigned to all Wehrmacht rankings by the troop to the non-commissioned officers and officers. In the continuation of the war will be introduced the degree with Oak leaf, with Oak leaf and Spades, with Oak leaf, Spades and Diamonds and finally with Oak leaf in Gold, Swords and Diamonds.

 The Knight Cross's award criteria were quite free and during the war were more and more stringent, and if at first it was required to have completed five to seven times as much as required to have the Iron Cross I^ class, later the parameters were matched. If the Kriegsmarine there were 100,000 tons of sunken ships in the Luftwaffe 20 points were needed but these initial criteria will be widened.

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