Drillich jacket M42 HBT summer german uniform with insignia Waffen SS

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Reproduction of the M42 drillichjacke, the jacket produced in linen or even linen / cotton blend introduced in 1942 in the German army and distributed as a quartering, training and summer combat uniform. Made on the wool field jackets model, the M43 feldbluse, from which it differs in a few details. Distributed mainly to Heer, the army, it was characterized by having four smooth pockets without the torch, the buttoning with six removable buttons fixed with an "S" hook system, and, unlike the cloth jacket, it has only two suspenders for the suspension hooks, internal loot of the collar for the kragenbinde. The cotton canvas reinforcements are made only in the essential parts as well as the internal pocket for the medicament.

Even if there are no indications on a model used in the Waffen SS, there are many photographic evidences that the army model was also used by the Waffen SS for its practicality and operational convenience.

You can customize your jacket model by entering the grade, unit and type of eagle.


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