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Color spray aerosol ready to use with different colors suitable for restoration or camouflage. High quality military paint to dry quickly, content 400 ml, easy to remove from most surfaces.

Colors: Khaki tropen, dunkel gelb, grau blau, feldgrau, panzergrau, fallschirmjager grun, flecktarn grun, flecktarn braun, abwehrtruppe bordeaux, DDR Green, panzer grun, Messerchmitt grau grun


Use for: weapons, vehicles, textiles, utensils.
Base: Alkyd
VOC content: about 83% w / w.
Solids content: about 17% w / w.
Gloss: less opaque 5 with a 60 ° angle.
Dry to touch: after 10 or 20 minutes.
Dry to the touch: after about 45 minutes.
Hardened / seconds paint: after 16 hours.
Resistant: up to 110 ° C heat.

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