German Cross in gold

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GERMAN CROSS IN GOLD Deutsch Kreuz in Gold-

Finest quality reproduction of the German Cross in Gold, Kreigsorder Des Deutschen Kreuzen, created on 28 September 1941 by Adolf Hitler also pushed by the campaign in the East going on. The cross was intended to reward the soldiers who had distinguished themselves by value and courage on the battlefield being the protagonists of actions that were far more deserving than the Iron Cross Ist class but at the same time were not enough for a Knight Cross of the Iron Cross. The assignment could take place for each ranks, troops, NCO and officer, previous requirement was to already be in possession of the Iron Cross of I ^ cl and II ^ cl. Also in the reconfirmation version of the First World War. The demonstration on the battlefield of exceptional command of the troops was another reason for assignment. A decoration that was separate from the Knight Cross and which could also be conferred upon having already received such decoration.

Made in 5 pieces as original.

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