Infantry Assault Badge bronze Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Bronze

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INFANTRY ASSAULT BADGE BRONZE (Das Infaterie Sturmbzeichen)

The bronze level was established on June 1, 1940 to reward the infantry soldiers who had distinguished themselves for merit on the battlefield both they were officers, NCO, and troops, and were destined exclusively to the members of the motorized infantry and the machine guns company, mortars and anti-tank of infantry or mountain regiments. From February 1941 also anti-aircraft companies under specific conditions.


Complete with producer stamp and award bag.

Award criteria:

  • have taken part in three or more motorized infantry attacks;
  • have taken part in three or more motorized infantry counterattacks, or together with the above;
  • have taken part in three or more armed motorized reconnaissance missions;
  • having participated in three different days to the return of motorized combat positions.

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