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Established on July 25, 1942 by Adolf Hitler's with the promotion of Erich Von Manstein to commemorate the hard conquest of the Crimea peninsula during the Russian compaing and awarded to all members of the army, navy and aviation that in the period from 21 September 1941 to 4 July 1942 they had taken part. The only holder of the attestation for the award was the Generalfeldmarschall Von Manstein.

Assignment criteria:

  • have fought in the following battles:
  1. battle of Perekop from 21/9/1941 to 30/9/1941;
  2. battle of Juschun from 18/10/1941 to 27/10/1941;
  3. advanced in the Crimea and breaking into Kertsch 18/10/1941 to 27/10/1941;
  4. first battle of Sevastopol from 17/12/1941 to 31/12/1941;
  5. battle of Feodosia from 15/1/1942 to 18/1/1942;
  6. defensive battle of Parpatsch from 19/1/1942 to 7/5/1942;
  7. reconquered the peninsula of Kertsch from 8/5/1942 to 21/5/1942;
  8. conquering Sevastopol from 7/6/1942 to 4/7/1942.
  • being injured during the Crimea conquest;
  • have been in service for at least 3 months in Crimea during operations.

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