Sturm Mil-tec

Leather strap for MP40 hover image

Leather strap for MP40

LEATHER STRAP FOR MACHINENPISTOLEN MP40 Carrying strap for German machingun, Masch..


Leather strap for STGw 44 Sturmgewehr

Leather strap for STGw 44 Sturmgewehr

LEATHER STRAP FOR STGw 44 Leather strap for assoult rifle STGw44 or sturmgewe..


Leather strap quick release hover image

Leather strap quick release

BELTS IN LEATHER WITH QUICK RELEASE Leather straps used to fix the equipment which..


Lee-Enfield sling orginal hover image

Lee-Enfield sling orginal

CANVANS SLING FOR LEE ENFIELD Original canvans sling for British Lee-Enf..


Lieutenant cavalry

Lieutenant cavalry

LIEUTENANT CAVALRY Nice reproduction of the German Cavalry officer shoulder board, the mechanized..


Lieutenant panzer

Lieutenant panzer

LIEUTENANT PANZER Shoulter in pink waffenfarbe for armored units...


Low boots black leather hover image

Low boots black leather

BLACK LEATHER WEHRMACHT LOW BOOTS Reproduction of German low boots, schnurstiefel, supp..


Luftwaffe Lieutenant gold yellow

Luftwaffe Lieutenant gold yellow

LIEUTENANT Reproduction of the colar tabs for officer in waffenfarbe gold yellow&n..


M1 Carabin case canvas hover image

M1 Carabin case canvas

M1 CARABIN CASE CANVAS Replica of the canvas enclosure for the M1 carbine supplied to t..


M1 Carbine sling

M1 Carbine sling

LEATHER SLING FOR M1 CARBINE Reproduction of the sling for the M1 rifle supplied t..


M1 Garand Ammo clips

M1 Garand Ammo clips

M1 GARAND AMMO CLIPS Original clips in which were housed eight bullets for the rif..


M1 Garand case canvas hover image

M1 Garand case canvas

PADDED JUMP CASE FOR M1 GARAND Case used on 6 June 1944 by American paratroopers of the US A..


M1 Garand sling hover image

M1 Garand sling

LEATHER SLING FOR M1 GARAND Very nice reproduction of M1 Garand leather sling, the..


M1 suspension assembly hover image

M1 suspension assembly

AMERICAN HELMET LINER FOR M1 Original post war M1 helmet liner in webbing, oliver green, wit..


M16 Helmet miniature hover image

M16 Helmet miniature

M16 GERMAN HELMET Very nice miniature of German M16 helmet for exposure, collection and decoratio..


M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt hover image

M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt

GARAND AMMO POUCH Reproduction of the cartridge for transporting ammunition for the M1 ..


M1936 Khaki Webbing Suspenders US Army hover image

M1936 Khaki Webbing Suspenders US Army

US ARMY KHAKI "Y" STRAPS M1936 Nice reproduction of the M36 combat suspenders, made to ..


M1A1 Carabine canvas Airborne jump case hover image

M1A1 Carabine canvas Airborne jump case

M1A1 JUMP CARABIN CASE Reproduction of the Carabine M1A1 used on 6 June 1944 by American par..


M42 German reed green summer HBT Drillichhose hover image

M42 German reed green summer HBT Drillichhose

DRILLICH TROUSERS M42 Reproduction of the drillichhose M42, the linen/cotton pants appeared ..


M44 folding-shovel carrier hover image

M44 folding-shovel carrier

ORIGINAL M44 FOLDING-SHOVEL CARRIER Original folding shovel of unknown origin, perhaps Czech..


M8A1 Scabbard hover image

M8A1 Scabbard

SCABBARD M8A1 FOR TRENCH KNIVES M3 Reproduction of the M8A1 scabbard for trench knives M3 eq..


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